Top 7 Tech Jobs in 2023: Best Tech Careers


You know, people are looking for technology professionals. This whole thing happened in 2019, or it was the 2020s. 

Do you know what I’m talking about?

 Technology became this thing that was already popular but is even more popular now because all these companies needed to start working from home before just coming into the office.

Everybody was thrust into a space where they needed to now work from home. So people were required to get everything ready and ensure they could support all the staff, servers, networking, and security from a remote location. So many more companies started investing a lot more in technology. Many more than they used to; nowadays, technology is even more significant.

Because of the consistent cyber threats out there, it’s almost daily that you hear about companies getting ransomware that is getting hacked and targeted data being stolen, publishing it on the dark web. It’s scary, so companies are spending a lot more money than they used to ensure that their technology is safe, secure, and supported. With that said, here are the seven jobs.

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It would be best if you were looking into companies that want these people. If you’re like me and you’re working in Tech, sometimes it’s hard to know whether you stack up on your skills to land a future job. Would it be great if there were tool questions that you could answer where at the end? You would see whether you’re good enough to land that job. The great news is that there is a free tool.

You can check out a tool I have used and love. Down Below in my show notes. I’ve got a link to this tool called Astrid 20 minutes. You run through a whole bunch of questions that will be asked and see whether you’ve got the skills in specific areas. Not only technical skills but also soft skills, communication skills, time management in running a project and a whole range more it’s really for anybody in it.

To go through perhaps your assistant’s administrator, and you want to get into security, you don’t think. You’ve got the skills, well, at the end of this. You’ll see if you’ve got the skills because it will give you a summary list. At the very end, what skills have you got?

And what jobs are available to you or recommended based on your skill set? Suppose you’re a networking person. You want to move up to maybe becoming.

A network architect is brilliant. It’ll let you know at the end whether they think you’ve got the skills to land that next job. So check it out down below. Astrid, your it admins, your systems administrators. Your network administrators, engineers who look after your Network, and your servers. They will be the people who will be in very high demand because almost every company deals with something.

Like active directories, they’ve got servers, they’ve got routers, they’ve got switches. They will need administrators and Engineers to manage them, administer them, engineer them, and improve them.

This also includes people who work on the cloud. So even though there’s no physical Tech in a business. Suppose they’ve got some cloud technology AWS Azure or other clouds Tech. You’re going to need Cloud engineers.

Admins and Engineers

Admins and Engineers are highly in-demand jobs to get those skills because many companies want these people as business analysts and systems analysts. What are these roles? Well, the systems analyst can analyze and understand how all the systems work together. The process is, how does data flow between the plans? 

What things could you improve in those systems to get the best?

Results somebody who’s a systems analyst also understands data analytics, the systems’ benefits, and how they work. But then how to extract the data from them into usable forms that the business can use to understand how things work on those systems very closely related to this is the business analyst where they will also be working very closely.

The business works with the company to understand their need and what they want to see, then can interpret that with the technology team to build the product they need.

 How they could be working more brilliantly, and what each individual in the business. Does the Department know the function and then bring that to technology, go out making some homework, some analysis, some Discovery, and then find the solution that best works for the business?


Managers, now this is it, managers of all sorts. They come in all shapes and sizes, even more; senior directors, heads of Technology CIO ctOS, we’re all going to lump them all together in the role of its manager. These are the people leading its functions in a business. So most of the positions, we’re talking about it. This blog will be reporting to a manager or a director of technology.

Somewhere right it’s, it’s going to happen, so these roles will always be in demand. There will always be demand. In the following year and the year after, every company needs somebody to manage the entire ecosystem development infrastructure security data; all of that is managers next.

 We’ve got database administrators who look after databases if a company’s running applications. If they’re running websites, they’re probably going to have database servers of some sort; they could be Microsoft database servers like SQL servers or Oracle.

There’s a whole range of skills that database people have. The bigger the company, the more prominent the databases will be the more complex the databases will be, containing millions and millions. If not billions of entries to somebody who understands this space will be extremely high in demand. 

Data Scientists

Data scientists sound very fancy, like somebody in a science lab doing things all around data. A data scientist, what do they do? They evaluate data. They help companies make intelligent, sound business decisions and get all the pieces together.

 All the puzzle pieces of the technology stack all the data. So it’s like a mix between an infrastructure engineer and a business analyst who will now put all that data together and get good information out.


Developers are people who are developing stuff. There’s a whole range of developers in this category. Still, developers are in high demand, so this category includes softer developers, game developers, web developers, and app developers. You’ve got your dot net developers, Java developers anybody who does any programming highly high in demand.

 Suppose you’ve got skills across a varied range of languages. Of programming languages, you will be in even more high demand. 

The number one job that is more in the market now than ever. A lot of bad people want to get into people’s computers. Many more hacks, malware attacks, and ransomware data are being leaked bad, awful news.

 Who’s going to look after this security people are cyber Security Experts, cyber security Engineers, analysts, people who focus on forensics, and anybody that is an expert in cyber.

Security Techs

Security is the highest in-demand job. These people have a good understanding of server networking and Cloud end-user computers. The more secure the Network is, the more complicated it’ll be for people to infiltrate it for the most part.

 It is one of the most sought-after roles in most job openings available in technology. Still, they’re also precarious roles because if somebody’s Network is compromised, They’re going to be asking, how did this happen you’re meant to be looking after?

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