What Stock Price will Tesla Hit in 2025?


All are in good spirits, bullish, and still buying Tesla every chance you get, but either way, I hope this video boosts your confidence. I’ve reached my analysis of Tesla enough to believe I have a good prediction of how I see. the next few years unfold. I’m ready to give my prediction for a 2025 tesla stock price estimate.

 I’ve been waiting a long time to do this, and I’ve gathered enough information to make my prediction of the future of Tesla now. This is more of a valuation of Tesla rather than the 2025 price target. This is where I see the value of Tesla at the end of 2025.

Energy and PE Ratio

Therefore, I will estimate tested earnings for the last quarter of 2025. Once we’ve worked that out, we’ll assign an appropriate p /e ratio to give us a valuation. I’ll first explain how I will treat each side of the business and how I envision it about this time.

 The energy side of the company is, of course, like the order side, constrained by batteries. Any cells used in energy had an opportunity cost of being in a car and generating more profit energy will not take off until Tesla has their in-house app batteries in high enough production to meet.

Many of their cars for energy will be noticed in Tesla’s earnings in the second half of the decade. We’re trying to paint the most likely scenario and put a value on it here, and when it comes to robot taxis, we need to decide even by 2025.

If everything went to plan, Tesla might only have about a quarter million dedicated robot taxis, so that it will be manageable. The scenario I will play is that it is ten times safer than a human driver. Robo taxis will leave out for now but talk about more when it comes to the pi ratio.

We will raise food prices to 15 000 adjusted for inflation so that this model will be based on actual expenses, not nominal, and we have no idea what inflation might do because fsd is working. We will also increase the adoption rate.


I still can’t see it being a massive earner relative to autos, but we’ll see. I think of rubber taxis as more binary anyway either Tesla gets them working, and the stock price adds a zero, or they don’t; there isn’t much in between. Elon did say, though, dedicated robot taxis in volume production. 

Next year so for valuation purposes.

 I’m assigning a market value of a typical tesla instead of a robot taxi. This is a valuation without Robo taxis.


I will do my best to value it that way; otherwise, like I’m pointing out, verbal taxes would be about 80 of the value or something, and we may as well do a full rubber tax evaluation model.

Solar and Bots

The solar side of the business is still waiting for energy which is still winning for batteries which are still waiting for Tesla’s in-house app, so anything solar will be inconsequential again compared to all those. There may be working prototypes of bots at this stage. Still, this business area is an anomaly as it can somewhat reinvent economics.


I’m leaving it out for my 2025 estimate now that we should expect some more factories to be up and running by 2025. We hope berlin, shanghai, and texas have expanded, and we could also expect two new locations by this stage. Too Elon said ten new factories over. 

 Next ten years, which he may have met by 2030 due to him also saying 20 million deliveries a year by then, but in Tesla’s recent impact report, they are again saying 20 million vehicles by 2030 is a massive deal if true anyway.

Two new factory locations will likely look like Tesla just built two huge factories within one and a half years and another Chinese fab starting soon.

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