Top 10 New Business Ideas 2023

Top 10 New Business Ideas 2023


Today we have the most special issue with a new and promising business idea for any city. So the focus is on the business with passive income, eyelash extensions, and rabbits. Then this invention will revolutionize the vast beauty industry.

Eyelash extensions robot

Eyelash extension robots solve three main problems at once. They do the work faster than humans, are cheaper, and are of higher quality. If a specialist in eyelash extension takes 2 hours, a robot can manage one eye in 20 minutes. 

The customer comes to this alone, chooses the procedure, and seats in a special cheer. The rapid Dam begins to do the job with gentle hands. The so-called rabbit hands are made of flexible materials that cannot pierce the tissue, so they are safe.

An operator keeps an eye on the rubber while it is working. One person can operate several robots at the same time. This equipment is already starting to be implemented in beauty salons in the U.S.

Self-storage business

Self-storage business, the comfort and automation trend is taking over the world Outsourcing and putting all possible Services outside one’s home is now at its peak. This is evidenced by the growing demand for food delivery, laundry services, and individual storage facilities. 

The convenient solution to the latter has become so-called smart pantries. For example, suppose a person needs to unload their balcony or office. 

In that case, they saved a particular app, find the nearest Smart pantries on the map, and rent a deposit box in a few clicks. And automatically get access to it. 

Like car sharing, it is possible to enter this growing market and make good money with your real estate and a rented one. For example, you find a room in the basement of a residential building and rent it out, then to fully automate the process, you create your app or agree with an existing one.

I.T. platform in the second case for 15 commissions, you transfer all operational activity to the company. That is, you receive a passive income of up to eighty percent per annum, and all you have to do is expand the business by finding new premises to install intelligent storage units.

Menu projector

Menu projector, another large unprofitable Niche, is the catering sector Technologies are also making progress here. In this case, we’re talking about augmented reality projectors in cafes or restaurants. A small projector is installed on the table. With this help, customers can choose a dish, read its composition, and look at it from different sites.

At the same time, the order is being prepared. You will not be bored. Right at their table, visitors can play with cartoon chefs and cook something themselves or watch something, thanks to such a solution.

The Establishment receives not only the pleasant emotions of its visitors but also additional advertising because few people can resist not to record it in stories. In terms of business, the entrepreneur can’t rent out such projectors to various establishments and engage in digitizing the menu. You will need a camera and a small photo box for this.

Chocolate 3d printing machine

Chocolate 3D printing machine this vending Machine was presented at the cartoon exhibition in Shanghai parents and their Childs came to this Machine. The child chooses a figurine or a superhero, the payment is made, and the Machine brings the chocolate figurine to the customers. The kids get Pleasant emotions and a sweet present at the end of the process. At the show’s time, the Machine cost about three thousand dollars.

UFO burgers

If you decide to open your street food or dog kitchen for delivery, consider {UFO Burgers from Korean cousin. The rather usual burgers that everyone loves only. They are additionally sealed on exceptional stoves. Hence, they are more convenient to eat, and that’s why they look so fascinating. Many cities do not offer such Burgers yet, so you can attract extra attention due to the interesting name and shape. As for UFOs, Burger stoves’ cost in China starts at one hundred dollars.


Clean boxes are vending machines for selling household chemicals on tap customers can come with their reusable containers and buy laundry detergents, liquid soaps, antiseptic shampoos, and gels this way. People can buy chemicals cheaper because the cost of packaging is always included in the product’s price.

This approach is also more environmentally friendly, which will also track conscientious people. There are more and more every year machines that can be of different modifications, including units that can give out empty containers or already packed chemicals.

Karaoke booths

Karaoke booths another idea from Asia is these compact karaoke balls that can be set up in different shopping malls or even Outdoors people sit in the booths Bay and sing their favorite songs. The stalls are made with transparent walls, but if desired, that can be curtained off from the inside people here like to sing just as much as in Asia, so these booths will undoubtedly be used as with any other vending machine.

The central theme is the location. The cost of both in China starts at two thousand dollars. The rabbit’s hot dogs these robots’ work.

Similarly to other vending robots, first, the customer selects the Source and the type of sausage on display, then the customer pays, and the rabbit gets to work right in front of the customer. It grills a bun, adds Source, inserts the sausage, packages the hot dog, and gives it to the customer. The advantage of such robotic Outlets is that they attract much attention from people passing by now; the downside, of course, is the high cost of such equipment.

Micro hotels

Micro hotels are talking about autonomous boxes and allowing anyone to escape the world. And relax using an app for a while. The customer makes a payment and gains access to the T.V. inside the boxes. Everything necessary for comfortable rest, a lightning bed bedside table mirror, Wi-Fi sockets, and climate control.

 The most relevant will be the installation of sleep boxes in airports and train stations. Developers also position sleep boxes as effective for creating hostels, foreign radio-controlled planes, spiral glasses, a lipstick.

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